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BI and Big Data analytics on steroids

Make BI work easier and faster. Deploy a logical data warehouse in a fraction of time and use the built-in Apache Spark™ big data engine to accelerate dashboards.

Virtual database

Connect multiple data sources and make them look like a single database. Just write standard SQL queries and let Querona do the rest.

Data consolidation on the fly

Ingest your data sources in a few clicks and consolidate them on the fly. No time-consuming ETL needed.

Vendor-agnostic dashboards

Create one or many data models and present dashboards in any presentation tool including Excel. Business users will love that freedom of choice.

Key Capabilities

128+ types of data sources
ready to be instantly connected
approach with data consolidation on the fly
Compatibility with any BI client
to present reports in your favourite tool
Real-time data access
to get easier prototyping and immediate insights
Apache Spark Big Data engine
embedded for data analytics
Savings on legacy
databases thanks to open source on board

Perfect Data Management for Data Analytics

Learn how a Logical Data Warehouse can help you

Business users

  • Instant reporting
  • Shorter time-to-solution
  • Real-time data
  • 360 degree view
  • Excel-like simplicity
  • Less dependency on IT
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IT Experts

  • ETL-free data integration
  • Data mart prototyping
  • Query acceleration
  • Self-service
  • Big Data scalability
  • Cloud data warehousing
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Architecture Overview

Any user front-end or application
ELT-free virtual database
Any source: big data, relational, no-sql, SaaS
use what users already like
set up to facilitate & accelerate BI
keep as it is to reduce risk
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Querona works nicely with others

Integrate data from 128+ types of sources logos
Create data extracts to accelerate queries with leading data engines logos
Consume data anywhere thanks to Microsoft SQL Server emulation logos

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