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Report off Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online data in your favorite reporting tool

Reporting using data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online may be challenging. With Querona, you can use any BI tools to achieve that goal. Read more

Shared data model for PowerBI and other reporting tools


There are many tools on the market which provide us multiple ways of creating reports. It’s common that a company “A” prefers one reporting solution over the other, while company “B” has a completely opposite experience. The same goes for people – we also have our favorites – one wants to see a report prepared with PowerBI while the other would like to use Excel, simply because knows it better. Every time we need a report we need to prepare data first. Analytical and data visualization tools are different and require different skills to prepare data for reporting or analysis. It costs time, requires a tool-specific knowledge and of course provides redundant work in a layer between a data source and a reporting tool. How about having the shared data model prepared beforehand with a data virtualization tool like Querona and reused? Let’s have a look first at how it can look like when the whole setup is done with PowerBI. Then we will try to the same but with Querona as the virtual data layer. Read more

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