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Data encryption for cloud and on-premise databases

The case

When the cloud computing is concerned we used to think about rapid elasticity, resource pooling or broad network access. All the points are valid but what about security? Is it really safe that data is loaded somewhere off the premises? Are all the legal rules met as well? Querona supports many nice features: one of such features is data encryption. Read more

Security of data in Querona virtual databases


Applying strict security rules in one of the oldest known problems in IT. Nowadays it is especially important because data leaks have grown to become one of the biggest challenges for modern companies, often resulting in significant financial losses.

Data security in Querona

Querona comes with easy to use mechanism for ensuring data security in both a column-based and a row-based manner using arbitrary rules. As an example, we will show how to limit data visibility based on the role assigned to the given user. Read more

Windows Integrated Security and Apache Spark using Querona as a proxy

The case

Modern data warehousing solutions are often highly distributed and cloud-based. Users, usually authenticated via security mechanisms available in solutions like Active Directory, should have secure access to the data warehouse or a Data Lake, hosted anywhere and on any platform (Windows, Linux). Technologies like Apache Spark or Microsoft Azure HDInsight do not provide an easy way to configure the use of Windows Integrated Authentication (WIA). Some other data sources do not support WIA at all. Read more

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